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Walks in Westminster and the City of London

Choose from any of the walks below and  enquire about a tour for your organisation or for a group of friends. All walks last approximately two hours. Email info@walkinglondonshistory with your preferred date and time. Prices £8 -£10 per person depending on group size. Bespoke tour prices upon  request.
Walks advertised for particular dates are priced at £10pp.

Deeds not Words

Visit the key locations in Westminster where the Suffragettes organised and carried out the campaign  for votes for women calling for ‘Deeds not Words’. Hear the stories of those daring and sometimes controversial women involved in the struggle.

The History of Westminster

How did Westminster begin and develop as the seat of power? Hear the stories of monarchs and politicians who lived and worked in Westminster as our walk takes us passed  iconic sites such as Westminster Abbey, the Houses of Parliament and Buckingham Palace.

Fresh Air and Faith

Visit the open spaces and admire  the diverse architecture of Marylebone from elegant Georgian housing to homes for the poor.  Find out about the people who felt they had a calling to tackle poverty, health  and education in Victorian England? How far did they succeed in improving lives?

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Seizing the Moment

From the seventeenth century traders, financiers and insurers seized the moment and started to make huge fortunes. Visit the key locations in the City where their work was done. Hear the stories of the individuals who amassed huge wealth and of some who lost it all.

Nearly 2000 years

Take a whirlwind tour through the history of the City from the Romans to the present day. See some of the iconic buildings from Mansion House to the newest skyscrapers. Hear about the changes that came from disasters as well as opportunities and  new ideas.

Life in the City

What was life like in the Medieval and Tudor City of London?  Hear about the people who lived and worked within sight of St Paul's Cathedral and the famous St Mary le Bow.  Take a walk through the ancient city streets and imagine how everyday lives were led. 

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